Sunday, May 13, 2007

Deep Within The Himalyans;
Remote Villages and Monasteries,
Houses Hanging Off Cliffs
and Secret Passage Ways.

Death Passed Me By.
I Chased Death,
But She Was Too Quiet,
Too Swift, And Not Looking For Me.
Not Yet, Anyway.

Their Souls Now Rest,
In Sancutuary,
In Refuge, With Buddha!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Proof Sheet

A Substantiation of Time

A Validation of Thought

Connectedness of Humanness:
Through The Lens of The Looking Glass

Revelations of My Mind

Photographic Prints:
Witnesses of Time

Cogent Evidence?
Maybe, Once, A long Time Ago, Perhaps?
Yet, Not Now, Not Anymore!

A Boy Running . . .

A Dimly Lit Interior . . .
Two Rocking chairs, and Plastic Sunflowers.

The Lonely Dog . . .
Hoping For A Scrap Of Pork;
The Living, The Half Living, And The Dead.

Another Boy and His Sea Urchins . . .

And Lorenzo . . .
Who Showed Me Pictures Of His Mexican Wife,
Told Me How He Once Escaped His Island Paradise,
Yet, Returned To Sea,
To See His Ailing Mother,
Before She Passed.

We Once Were . . .

We Are . . .